Persuasive Essay On Kids Playing Football

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Bang! A mother cringes as she watches a bone cracking hit. A hit in the only sport her son wants to play, football. Many parents don’t want their cherished kids playing football, with good reasoning. Brutal tackles can cause brain damage and other issues in later life. But, the life lessons kids will take away from football are extraordinary and every child should have the opportunity to play America’s beloved sport.
About one in every three kids in America is overweight or obese. Football, with all of the training and weightlifting helps children stay in shape. Tackle football practices have great intensity and require a higher degree of physicality. The sport requires complex movements using your arms, legs, shoulders and hips. With all of the different training types, physical strength, endurance, agility, speed, and flexibility are all improved. No other sport can provide this kind of physical activity and intensity while still have fun mixed in.
One last reason kids should be playing football is that it provides lessons useful for later life. In football and any sport you have to show good sportsmanship which is a good quality to have. But one life lesson that’s
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For example, getting hit or tackled over and over can lead to permanent brain damage. Not only could there be concussions, but being hit could lead to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or C.T.E. C.T.E can cause depression, memory loss and dementia. Also, it has been proven that the human brain is not fully developed until somebody is about eighteen to twenty-five years old. Therefore, kids don’t have a fully developed brain to make an educated decision on if they want to play football. But no sport is going to be safe. There is a twelve percent chance of getting a severe concussion is soccer. There is only a six percent chance of getting a severe concussion in football which shows that football is not much worse than any other