Persuasive Essay On Later Start Time

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No Time to Sleep, Time to Learn Only about 14.4% of schools have a later starting time, but many are reluctant to follow in their footsteps. ("Wake Up Calls (Fast Facts).") Most parents and students believe that starting school later would help their child gain more sleep and pay more attention in school, but they do not know about the issues that would come with starting school later as it is not advertised as much as the benefits. Schools adopting later start times would conflict with many things, both in and out of school, such as stressing families out, shortening or erasing after-school activities, and greatly impact transportation. The change of schedule would completely mess up how families work. Families will have to change their …show more content…
The later release time would result with after school activities being greatly affected. After school clubs and activities will have to be shortened due to not as much time in the afternoon as there previously was.“Students who receive extra services such as one-on-one tutoring and other after-school support may find limited resources as tutors and volunteers may not have the ability to adjust their schedules.” ("5 Pros and Cons of Later School Start Times.") The new start time will make it very hard for students who need help to get. Going along with shortened after-school activities, sports practices will be shortened, and away games will be affected. “If school gets out later, some athletes might be required to leave class early in order to attend a match.“ ("Eight Major Obstacles to Delaying School Start Times.") While athletes already leave early, they don’t leave so early that they could potentially miss a test or a very important lesson. Also, students who have a job will have to limit their hours due to the new release time. “This issue is important for certain students and their families who rely on the extra income to get by.” ("Eight Major Obstacles to Delaying School Start Times.") The now lack of income could make the family poor enough to live on the streets or barely have enough for food. Despite all that was said, researchers have talked to schools and have found out that in some schools,