Persuasive Essay On Organ Donation

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Organ donation is the process where the organ of the donor is transplanted onto the recipient as a mean of the continuity of that recipient’s life, as well as potentially increasing the life expectancy of the recipient. The procedures are usually carried out with the consent of the donor. The procedure not only increase life expectancy , rekindle the hope of recovery as well as helping with the grieving process of the donor,if the donor is indeed deceased. With the organs donated, scientific researches can be performed on the organs and possibly contributing in the advancement medical research. With that being said, there's still an absurd amount of parties antagonising and demonising the act of organ donation , which can be disproven easily, hence organ donation should be implemented and utilized in common medical practices

As the counter party stated, it might hamper
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For example, the case of Mandy Patinkin, an actor that won Emmy award in his career, but what the public didn't know was he almost go blind if not of the generous donor that both donated their corneal to the actor. He was a patient of Keratoconus, which is one of the three major condition that required a corneal transplant(, 2017). Not only Mandy, a lot of recipients life improved tremendously after the transplant(, 2017). The transplant waiting list is growing bigger as time goes by, every ten minutes one more patient is added into the list of the already massive number of 115873 in the US alone, 20 died each day while waiting for an organ(, 2017). Hence, in our humble opinion,organ donation should be practiced more and implemented as a normal medical