Persuasive Essay On Owning A Grandfather

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“Oh my gosh, of course we had to pick the hottest day of vacation to go to the zoo,” I said to my cousin Amber standing in line to purchase tickets.
“Think positively. The tan you’re going to get will look amazing tomorrow,” she told me with a smile.
While we waited in the admission line, my uncle Scott went ahead into another line to rent a scooter. I laughed to myself because I knew a big argument between Grandpa and the rest of the family was about to go down. Grandpa is the most stubborn man I know. He sometimes, in my opinion, will do the opposite of what people want just to prove that no one is the boss of Grandpa. That morning, Grandpa had a hard time walking around the hotel and did not feel like participating in the activities we had planned for the day. His knees do not work very well, and he can no longer walk long distances without becoming tired or having an aching pain. To help this problem, the adults decided to team up and secretly rent a scooter. When Scott came around the corner driving the scooter, I think Grandpa’s eyes almost popped out of his head.
“I’m not
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While my cousins and I went to the bathroom, my mom and uncles argued about what to do with the scooter because everyone did not know the rules and regulations. A disagreement broke out between the adults until my mom said, “Technically, the park is on zoo grounds, so I think we can bring the scooter out into the parking lot, put it somewhere, and get it back for the second part of the visit.” Chuck and Scott were then put in charge of hiding the scooter while Sheila and my dad went to acquire the vehicles. Now, remember boys are not the smartest people in the world, and to prove this point, they decided a good place to place the scooter would be in a bush alongside the road. So we left the zoo without a worry in the world and enjoying the thought that we soon would have full bellies