Persuasive Essay On Parenting Children

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Persuasive Essay on Parenting Children Parents purpose in a childs life is to teach a child manners, how to relate with other people, good qualities in their behavior. We also must teach our children to be productive and have respect for our coworkers. In the first place when parents begin to think about having children and raising their family they should put a lot of thought in the ways they think is best for their children.
Parents should put their feelings aside and in addition focus on what is going to help their children become responsible and capable adults. When a child is raised in a proper manner by their parents, they will grow up to be responsible and law abiding citizens helping the world to be a better place to live in. As the way they were raised when they become adults it will help them raise their children the right way. Some parents believe in giving their children everything to keep up with their friends and better than what their parents had when they were young. Some parents what their children to have better clothes, toys and a better lifestyle than other children. This only makes children think that they will have someone looking out and taking care of them to make sure that they have what they need. This also makes the child feel better than others. By the time a child is two years old a parent should have already started teaching discipline, manners and respect. This should be an early enough age so they know that

they can’t always have what they want and that they have to mind their parents. In life we all have to go by rules and laws no matter what age we are. Decide on a good age for your child to start having chores appropriate to their age.
For example, for a five year old child, their chores could be taking care of their pets, putting their clothes in the hamper and emptying trash cans. An older child would have bigger responsibilities like helping around the house. When a child knows what money is they should start receiving an allowance appropriate to their age. When a child starts receiving an allowance, he or she should be taught how to spend and save it. This will teach them to be more careful with their money later on in life. It will also teach them the value of money and to spend it on what is necessary. Equally important is when a child is old enough to start school they should be taught good study habits and how to ask for help on the things they don’t understand so they can understand it better. Furthermore when a child does not understand, the parent should try to explain it to them but not do it for them. The parent should also give the child good tips on how to study to get the most out of their homework. No child should be paid to get good grades it should be them wanting to do it to better their education and not them just doing it for the money. We as parents should start early setting good examples for our children to make them have good habits later on in life. Children will learn a lot by watching other people other than being told what to do. When making mistakes a child should be taught there is consequences to bad behavior. Their consequences should be appropriate to their age level. Treating all children the same is not fair to the child. Each child is their own person and they are all on different levels, they each have different talents that they are good at. A child should be praised for doing their best at whatever they do. By doing whatever the child is good at if the parent shows