Persuasive Essay On Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Over the past few years performance enhancing drugs have become a very large issue in athletes for a number of reasons. The first reason is that athletes use this drug to be a step up from their competition. When these drugs are used the fairness level is lost and not all athletes are playing are playing on the same level. For this specific reason, performance enhancing drugs have been banned in all sports. Many of an athlete's achievements have been stripped from them because they used performance enhancing drugs. Another reason why performance enhancing drugs are so controversial in sports is tradition. Sports have been played by a specific set of rules throughout the American History and even a minor change is a big deal. Though the changes may be small, they will eventually add up over time. Should the rules be changed for performance enhancers as well. Is the integrity of the game more important than “victory at all costs” (Hammond)? People and athletes have lost their sight of what is more important in sports. Sportsmanship is losing it’s meaning as time continues on and it is being replaced by popularity and …show more content…
They show what they are capable of by training for hours to become greater than anyone else in the competition. Athletes who stood at the top of their sport worked just as much as all the others did, but they worked harder and/or are naturally good at what they do. These athletes break and set records. They were or are good role models to kids growing up who admire them. However over time the outlook of sports changed from glory to shame. Many who are doing too well in their sport or event are considered to be, or are, using performance enhancers (steroids). The worst part about these rumors is that most are or become true. Not only have the fans lost sight of what sports are meant to be, so have the athletes who play the sport. All the athletes want is to