Persuasive Essay On Planned Parenthood

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When someone hears the word parenthood, they may think about having children of their own someday. Everyone should have a plan for parenthood. Planned Parenthood can help young men and women with many things. Some examples are dealing with children, education, and testing for health illnesses. People may go for sexual education, others may go to be tested for a sexually transmitted disease. Women who deal with unwanted pregnancies may go to get an abortion. Planned Parenthood can help people with problems, but the company also does wrong things. A debate about the funding for Planned Parenthood is going on because of the videos being realized. Some people are for taking away the funding because of the illegal issues which are happening, but some people wish Planned Parenthood would stay open for the education. According to the website for Planned Parenthood, more than five million humans go to Planned Parenthood for help or education. Nearly 520,000 unwanted or unattended pregnancies are stopped because of the Planned Parenthood services. Each year, 4.5 million tests for STDs will be given to people at a Planned Parenthood center. Out of the five million visitors Planned Parenthood gets …show more content…
Many well known people such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson, were trying to get people to sign the petition. Even though these men are fighting to stop the abortions and the illegal selling of the organs, there are also people against the petition (Carson). Hillary Clinton is an example of someone who is against the petition. She supports what Planned Parenthood is doing. Even though she said it was disturbing, she supports the work the facility does and the selling of baby organs. Clinton believes they are doing more good than bad. For a second time, Planned Parenthood was defended by her publicly when she focused on the good of the facility