Persuasive Essay On Refugees In Australia

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As the prime minister of Australia I feel as a county we are not doing enough to help asylum seekers and refugees globally who are trying to come Australia from other countries all around the world. Asylum seekers are people who have been forced to flee their country in order seek safety and protection from wars, political views or similar circumstances. Once an asylum have been determined to be genuinely in need they become known as a refugee.

Our current policy here in Australia if anyone is found trying to reach Australia by boat they will be stopped and immediately sent back to wherever the boat happened to leave from. I believe that we should change that policy. Instead of turning people away who have risked there life in hope of finally being able to live a safe life, we should help resettle them here.

Last year (2016) we allowed about 15,000 refugees to resettle here. It is estimated that there is at least 60 million refugees world wide so we are doing barely anything to help the problem. The fact that there is 60 million people displaced world wide makes this a global problem and I feel as a country Australia should lead the way to get this solved.
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As the prime minister of Australia I am removing the turn back the boats policy and intend I am going to put resources into making sure that the refugees trying to come here are successfully resettled as soon as possible. I am going to dedicate 4 billion dollars, which is about equal to 10% of all Australian taxes to ensure that refugees have a better way to reach Australia other than by people smugglers. Instead of having lots of refugees crowded onto small ships we should setup a regular boat system of our own that can hold lots of people, that arrives in Darwin as thats one of the closest points of Australia to the refuges trying to come