Persuasive Essay On Saturday Night Live

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With the political world changing laws left and right to try and please everyone; it allows networks such as Saturday Night Live to make a mockery of our government. For instance, the gun laws have become one of the most debatable topics in politics today which like any other political topic has two sides to the argument. In this skit from Saturday Night Live the actors and narrator display how guns are an outstanding gift for anyone and no matter what our guns will always have our backs. The producers use a laconic approach by creating a short but informative two minute skit to display the ridiculousness of our government. Through the use of irony and sarcasm the producers of Saturday Night Live mock society for even having the idea that anyone can purchase let alone own a gun.(Guns - SNL) …show more content…
The opening scene of the skit displays a man handing a gift to a woman while out to dinner and any normal person would assume the gift would be a sentimental item; but it is not. The woman opens the box and inside lays a gun which under no circumstance would be expected to lay in a gift box. Also, the narrator herself uses sarcasm throughout the entire video with the use of many different phrases. For example, in the background the narrator says, “There are things we all share like love, family, connection, a sense of purpose, and also guns.” This sarcastic quote displays how ridiculous SNL’s producers view the gun laws. By making fun of society with comedy the SNL cast entertains but also educates a vast amount of people in society. The skit closes with the phrase “Guns, we’re here to stay” emphasizing how if society has nothing it does not matter because people will always have guns. The author wants people to become advised about the government's choices through the use of sarcasm and irony for comedic relief of a social problem.(Guns -