Persuasive Essay On School Dress Codes

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What is a school dress code? Rules that are clearly stated on what the students can and can't wear. Many people argue on if they are a good or bad thing to have. But here is the thing. Dress codes reduce peer pressure, Help students pay attention in school, and still allows freedom through cloths. Dress codes are perfect how they are and don't need to change.
First, Dress codes reduce peer pressure. says “Dress codes in school settings reduce social conflict and peer pressure that may be associated with appearance.” (5 benifites of) There are a lot of people that have standards like having sleeves on their shirt, having no low cut shirts, and having their short go to their knees. When those who have these standards see many
…show more content… states, “As opposed to uniforms, dress codes still allow students to wear what they want which leaves students with a sense of choice and expression. “ (5 benefits of) When students are in school they are at the age where they are trying to figure out who they are and where they stand in the world. One way of figuring this out is through clothing. Uniforms will limit you to one or two options not allowing students to wear what they want. School dress codes allow students to wear almost anything they want.
Someone might argue that dress codes won't do anything for the student in the future but they are wrong. “Dress codes are generally put into place in order to prepare students to enter the adult world. Adults are expected to dress to impress their bosses at whatever job they decide to take.” (Kira Mills) from Dress codes will help you to know what outfits are appropriate and what aren't.
In conclusion, dress codes are important and should be enforced in all school. School dress codes lessen peer pressure, take away a distraction, and are still flexible. Not just that it will prepare student for their future job and