Persuasive Essay On Seatbelts

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Would you still think not wearing seatbelts should be illegal if you knew riding a bike, having knifes in your kitchen, & even taking a swim in your local pool cause more incidents?
Vehicles should not come with a feature that doesn’t allow the engine to start unless the driver has their seatbelt buckled, the operator should be able to make their own decision & no one else should be able to determine their own fate. It’s bad enough the government already controls way too many things, should they really be able to treat grown people like toddlers by telling what they think is good for them? Also, why should anyone else care if a driver is wearing a seatbelt when it won’t affect them in any sort of way? What should be taken in consideration is that many people with disabilities find being strapped with a thick, leather string very painful & uncomfortable. There should be no reason for companies to install a system to a vehicle that doesn’t allow the car to function unless everyone’s seatbelt is buckled, it’s bad enough the government is already in control of everything else. There are many other things that are much more dangerous than driving without a seatbelt. For example, having knifes available in the kitchen, babies crawling on the floor being exposed
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Their life is not in danger, so why do they care so much? Instead of focusing on civilians who choose not to wear their seatbelts, the main focus should be on those who choose to text while driving, drunk drivers, & speeders. If one wants to go ahead & risk their own life then let them be, it won’t affect you in any possible way. It’s really selfish of the government to decide to make not wearing a seatbelt illegal even when there are people with disabilities that suffer from pain & uncomfortness when being strapped each time they get in their car. Not only can wearing the belt cause permanent damage, but it can also cause the driver to react strange &