Persuasive Essay On Sexism In Schools

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On a hot summer day in Brentwood California it can get up to 108 degrees. For both men and women a tank top and shorts sounds like the perfect attire for that day. However if you are attending school only one of the sexes is allowed to wear this. The other sex has restrictions. Why? Well we may never know some say it is for distraction purposes or it is just something that is ignored. Either way it is not fair to the females who suffer from these restrictions. If I were to make history I would change school dress codes so they are not sexist against women. Sexism in school dress codes cause many issues for females, as well as being created by people who start the issues, which leads us to a possibility to change history. …show more content…
These men are the ones that come up with the dress codes that a sexist to women. I feel that this is one of the biggest problems in the school system. In a CNN video a high school in Ohio had their senior aware ceremony. Prior to that was a letter sent home with over 3 paragraphs of how the females should dress and how they should not draw attention to themselves. It even included how their outfit should look when they sat, stood, and walked. However for the males it only states “nice dress pants and shoes is recommended”. Where is this fair? Why should someone else be worried about how a female is dressed what is their big concern? These men state in their dress codes that is it to help male students and teachers from being “distracted”. Who was the one who claimed that the way females dress is distracting? Why haven’t men been taught that women are not sexual objects? Instead they should be teaching the males of sex equality. Every sex has legs, arms, shoulders, chest, etc. It is part of human anatomy. Why is it not okay for them to show those parts if everyone has them but males are able to? Females do not draw attention to themselves by what they wear. The men creating these rules are causing attention to this so-called distraction when they should be pulling away from