Persuasive Essay On Smoking

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In the United States, 36.5 million people currently smoke some sort of cigarettes, be that tobacco, electronic, or vapor. Some do it for recreational purposes, and others are addicted to it and have difficulty quitting. One may not think much of it, but the effects of smoking are serious and can be life-threatening to one’s health. It has many negative impacts on a variety of things. Smoking should become illegal in the United States because it is a huge health hazard, it produces environmental damage, and it causes financial hardship for smokers and their families.
Smoking is mainly known for causing lung cancer. While this is true, it can also cause a number of other diseases. Smoking can cause many other types of cancer, such as cancers of the throat,
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The average cigarette packet costs roughly around five dollars, and can varyon the brand. If a person buys a pack of cigarettes every day in the week, then that equals to thirty-five dollars a week. 35 times 4 is 140. 140 multiplied by 12 months in 1 year is 1680. That means every year you spend about 2,000 dollars just on cigarettes, which is a huge waste of money if you think about all the other things you can purchase with that amount of money. That’s not all. Businesses and the healthcare are affected by smokers too. Businesses lose money due to smokers missing work frequently for illness compared to non-smokers. In one year in California, losses in productivity were estimated to be $8.5 billion. Moreover, cigarette waste is a major contributor to storm drain trash. Public agencies,as well as taxpayers, spend over $41 million annually on cleanup, of which cigarettes are held accountable for one-third. Still not convincing enough? Smoking causes over $500 billion in economic damage per year, not to mention all the money one would have to pay to fix their health problems caused by smoking in the first