Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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In society today, every American has a phone, Ipad, laptop or a device to access internet.. We all have had our fair share of social media and its getting worse as the years go on. Teens and adults, even children have social media accounts and apps on their personal devices and they use it all the time. Has anyone ever wondered how and why being connected has become an issue? Recently the news has been covering stories that explain when people took teens phone away they have signs of depression and other issues. The government should put more time into knowing what social media has done to our society.
Most of the news in America today shows that kids are addicted to their phones and social media has become a problem. Teens get bullied online and in some cases leads to suicide, or other problems that lead to depression or anxiety. This has been a problem for a very long time and over the years it is becoming a bigger and more serious issue. In 2017, social media became more connected with teens and their daily life. Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Facebook, are just a few of the many social sites that teens use. The more teens use social media the easier it is for people to harass them online. Suicide is a big deal and for social media to make it easier
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Terror groups have been able to send videos to everyone who wants to join groups. ISIS is a big terror group hurting Americans and killing innocent people all over the world causing the news to be filled with terror threats. Has anyone ever really thought about the social media disrupts it has caused? Group are able to contact people on their phone and in apps on social media. A telegraph website says Twitter is one big knows social media site where they get in contact with people to make them join or to threaten them. The security apps have is not enough to keep anyone safe on social media and its only gonna get