Persuasive Essay On Stand Your Ground Law

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Some people thinks standing your ground is a heroic act of bravery and others see it as a start of a tragic ending. The stand your ground law has been abused by hateful people who saw an opportunity to take a life because they may have seen the color of one’s skin instead of justifying what they did was worth their life. The law would not be so bad if people didn’t abuse it and just used it if they we’re in need of it. The Stand Your ground law is a self-defense law that states that you do not have to retreat when threatened with death or harm, you can used deadly force to protect yourself. This law has done more harm than justice to the society. Even though this law was enforced to protect people from harm, its being used as a way out to get out of trouble when they killed someone for no reason. …show more content…
The Castle Doctrine allows you to use deadly force under the circumstance that your house or property is invaded by people. Florida’s Stand Your Ground law states that you must have reasonable fear of death or bodily harm when using defensive force if one’s home or vehicle is being violated, a person does not have to retreat if a threat is imminent, and provides immunity for criminal prosecution. Between the time of 2005 and now 33 states have adopted the Stand Your Ground law, and more state are considering adopting the law. Citizens has the duty to retreat if they are in a situation to use deadly force. The Stand Your Ground law takes away the meaning citizens who feel threatened are no longer required to try to defeat a situation first before having the right to use deadly force in self-defense. In October 1, 2005 Florida became the first state to put the law into play, under the Jeb Bush’s administration, with the help of the National Rifle