Persuasive Essay On Syrian Refugees

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There is something extremely atrocious happening in Germany and Syria that has been brought to my attention. Syrian refugees have fled their country and ended up in Germany because of Syria’s nonstop war. Now, Germany was okay with the immigrants coming in at first, but then they had thousands of people come in, and are now reconsidering this, because of the fact that they don’t have anywhere for the immigrants to stay. I would like to learn why the other countries haven’t decided to accept Syrian refugees and if we can do anything about this. I will be explaining my opinion of the situation before and after research. As of now, (before research) I believe that the Syrian immigrants should have a place to go, being that they as individuals did not ask for war. I feel like for that reason, that it is not fair for them if they don’t have any place to go. …show more content…
As of September of 2015, America, a very big country, has only compromised to accepting 69,933 refugees, while Germany, which isn’t much bigger than Texas, has taken more than 57,000. Chancellor Angela Merkel is expecting over one million refugees in Germany this year. This is taking different effects on certain people. Some Germans feel bad for the refugees. They feel that the refugees are human too, and they have war going on in their country therefore they should have somewhere to stay while all of this is happening. Other people fear that with letting the Syrian refugees come into their country, that the refugees will force their religion, Islam, upon