Persuasive Essay On Tent City Jail

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Tent city, a jail ran by the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio. A man who believes true rehabilitation comes from the physical abuse of being in Arizona’s hot climate, while simultaneously being humiliated in numerous ways. Arpaio has reportedly marched his inmates through downtown Phoenix in their striped uniforms and pink garments, and has even offered jail tours in which the inmates are put on display (Lee). This jail is comprised of outdoor tents located in the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona where the temperature is said to reach above 130 degrees standing under one of the tents (Lee). On top of the heat, inmates are punished by being served food that comes in the form of a collection of mystery meats, bread, and orange Kool-Aid. Arpaio himself was captured stating that Tent City serves as his “concentration camp,” (Khan). However, these inmates are not hardened criminals. It is said that many of the inmates are typically serving sentences from …show more content…
In this day in age, a man such as Joe Arpaio, who boasts that he runs an establishment similar to that of a concentration camp, should not be allowed in a position of power. His deliberate display of racism in the form of targeting minorities should not be tolerated, yet he has been repeatedly voted in to office since a 1993 election. The fact Tent City continues to operate despite numerous oppositions is a perfect example of white privilege, the driving concept behind all topics discussed throughout this course. It is accurate to state that it is possible this phenomenon that Tent City exists is caused by the over 80% population of whites in the State; a majority of which seem to possess an illegitimate fear of an invasion of illegal immigrants to Arizona. However, all this is not to say illegal immigrants have a right to be in the US, yet that shouldn’t dismiss the fact the methods in which Arpaio chooses our