Persuasive Essay On The Internet

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In the past information was shared on paper and had to be transported on trucks. Media used to be presented on 8 track and vinyl records then cassettes and compact disks (CD). However, all of that is a thing of the past now. Due to the fact that we now have the internet and networks peer to peer file sharing has become easier than ever.
The Internet has drastically grown over the years and has led to many new innovations in the way it is used, whether it's for the good or bad. The internet started with just a form of text-based communication. Then the connections became quicker, which allowed people to start browsing web pages, and eventually it got to the point where even children could have their own space on the Internet.
Now people, mostly the younger generation, use the internet and networks to share information and download media for free without much leg work. This is a form of
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Sometimes I’ll find a song that really like and I might listen to it for a week or two but that’s it. After that I seldom listen to it. Although, there are some songs I listen to longer than that, there’s still the fact that eventually I’m going get bored with it. Therefore, instead of keeping the songs I’m tired of listening to and having them take up space on my phone, I can just listen to it on Spotify without having to worry about that unnecessary weight taking up my storage space.
Another thing I don’t have to buy CD albums, which also takes up space, physical space. I remember as a kid my dad had a night stand by his bed filled with CD’s and cassette tapes. There had to be over 300 albums there. However, he eventually downloaded them all on to his laptop and gave away all of them. I don’t think he minded how much space his CDs took up, but I know that after he got rid them he had more space for his other stuff that was just sitting on top of the night