Persuasive Essay On The Process Of Abortion

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One of the life changing experiences women undergo is pregnancy. For some, the news of pregnancy could mean exuberant happiness. Unfortunately, for others it may come as a nasty shock, one that can lead to a lifetime of regret. Women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy have to make the choice to either keep the pregnancy or opt for an abortion. The news of an unwanted pregnancy may be accompanied by a wave of emotions that can leave these women feeling overwhelmed and at a loss of how to cope, especially if they decide on an abortion.

The first step women who suspect they are pregnant should take is scheduling an appointment with a gynecologist to confirm the pregnancy. While many rely on pharmaceutical test kits to check for pregnancy, this can sometimes lead to a false alarm. Rather than jumping the gun on unreliable results, visiting a gynaecologist to get an Ultrasound scan will be more ideal
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The doctor should be able to provide all the basic necessary information and answer any further enquiries before the surgery. One should be prepared for some pain and discomfort, however the abortion procedure is usually a quick and painless one. Bringing a friend or family member for comfort and moral support is recommended, after all, undergoing an abortion is a procedure that requires some courage.

The process of undergoing an abortion does not stop at the end of the procedure. . The final step involves both physical and emotional recovery. Taking proper care of one’s body post abortion can speed up the recovery process and improve overall health. Aside from having a healthier lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet and ample rest, one should avoid using anything vaginally for about 2 to 4 weeks. This includes engaging in sexual intercourse or the use of tampons. Strenuous exercise should be avoided as well as tub baths so as to reduce the risk of