Persuasive Essay On Unrestricted Access

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The government wants to start putting encrypting technology that will allow unrestricted access to a persons personal data on their cell phone. The government should not be allowed to encrypt personal cellphones with technology that will give them unrestricted access to someone's data because the fourth amendment clearly states that we have a right to privacy.
The fourth amendment states that people have the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searchers and seizures. by using technology to access personal records on someone's cell phone they put your right to privacy at risk. The FBI stated that it does not believe it needs to have permission to put the technology into the citizens of the
United States
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" by searching someone's property without unreasonable reason is an illegal search and seizure. By putting technology that with access someone's personal property is illegal search and seizure. The government should respect the fourth amendment and not be allowed to put this kind of technology in our phones.
IRS says that they do not need permission to access tax payers emails and other personal document. While the FBI also says that its to protect U.S citizens from terrorist attacks. But accessing personal information to someone's phone is still a breach of privacy protected by the fourth amendment. Even if it does protect from terrorist attacks, those who are not involved with terrorist attacks are just having their privacy violated. While it would be good to find a way to be able to predict and protect from terrorist attacks this should not be the way. This way invades the privacy of the people. instead of asking if they could begin using technology like this they asked if they could continue giving Reason to believe the have already begun using this technology in people's phones.