Persuasive Essay On War On Drugs

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The war on drugs has been a policy nightmare for the United States even before Reagan declared a “war on drugs.” Immigration with Mexico is a huge factor in the presidential race. Some of the people are drug mules moving drugs across the border of Mexico and America. When the United States of America declared the war on drugs, they basically challenged the rest of the world and said, “yall can’t get drugs in here,” and the rest of the world gratefully accepted that challenge. Over the past 30 years, the United States has been the largest consumer of drugs in the world. It is a multi-billion dollar business. America is fighting a war against drugs, and yet we are also using the most drugs. Some people believe we are handling the war on …show more content…
This manifests itself by police officers taking drug money, drugs, or drug dealers property and selling them for monetary gain. This, some would think, is the complete opposite of what is supposed to be achieved by this “war on drugs.” “The United Nations Drug Control Program noted the inevitable risk of drug-related police corruption when it reported that wherever there is a well-organized illicit drug industry, there is also the danger of police corruption.”(New York p. 38) Everywhere there is a well-organized drug distribution network, there is bound to be corruption of the people meant to police the population. There will always be corruption associated with the war on drugs because the war on drugs is inherently corrupt. This means that wherever the drug trade goes, corruption is sure to ensue. The job of the police is to protect the people of the united states, but when they find a person with a lot of money or connections, they take all their money, and drugs, sell all of them, and really just do not do their jobs effectively. Blinded by the money and power, they do not always arrest the perpetrator of force them to get the necessary