Persuasive Essay On Why Kids Should Have Recess

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Why Kids Should Have Recess Go back to your time in school, the fun on the playground with your friends. Playing, running, jumping, and talking for your 15-20 minutes. Now imagine you never had that; you’d sit in school all day, being lectured and drilled without any breaks other than your normal other activities. Kids everywhere are in schools that have a no recess policy. Recess can benefit kids and schools are starting to get rid of recess for longer lessons. Kids need recess otherwise they will build up a lot of energy and become fidgety and will lose focus. An experiment was conducted on a no recess school by a doctor, Doctor Olga Jarret, from Georgia State University’s Department of Early Childhood Education to see how kids reacted knowing they had recess later that day. 60% of the children, including 5 that had special needs, were more focused and were less fidgety. Kids build up energy throughout the school day and start to lose focus or become anxious if they don’t release that energy. Kids need recess to release their energy, stress, and get some brain food. Physical activities give you brain food which makes you focus and attentive (Pica). Releasing stress brings me to my next thought. …show more content…
Having to sit in a classroom all day learning gets stressful. Adults get tired and get to ask for a break, kids can’t get up from their desks and go play on the monkey bars for 15 minutes. Giving the kids recess for 15 minutes gives them the time to interact with other kids and just be a kid. It gets rid of stress and is actually more helpful than hurtful. According to the article, The Importance of Recess and Play, kids will build up stress and throw temper tantrums, build anxiety, outbursts, and bite their nails. Inactivity, like sitting at a desk for long periods of time, builds up stress (Illingworth). Stress is unhealthy for everyone and is a bad thing to have in a learning