Persuasive Essay On Why Should Football Players Get Overpaid

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Now, visualize a world where you earn a yearly profit of five million dollars. A vision as such is a fascinating one. This is roughly the amount the average, professional athlete earns. Money has an immense amount of influence over how our lives function, but many individuals won’t admit to such a statement. In addition, a portion of people debate over the fact that professional athletes may be getting overpaid. It’s a topic infrequently debated among young people, but it’s controversial. Recently, it has occurred to me that a belief, such as this, is true.
As a result, there is a substantial amount of vigorous reasons as to why I firmly believe athletes should not make as much wealth. To begin, football players may have the most dangerous, athletic occupation, but there is a plethora of careers dubbed as more hazardous than being a football player. For example, statistics show that loggers by far are more vulnerable to injuries or death than the moderate professional football player. Furthermore, there are 128 casualties in every 100,000 workers employed also such information can be daunting to the worker. Next, one can consider that paying an athlete such high salaries is an act of valuing entertainment over the common well-being. The annual standard profit for a common nurse is $70,000. Considering, that they put an excessive quantity of determination into saving lives and studying. Also, we should be more
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Indeed, they deserve some income and the tiny replicas of them, but it appears they are getting paid way more than they are actually deserving. Employments such as doctors devote an equal amount of time to their jobs just like professional athletes. Yet, they are currently earning an ant-sized amount of money compared to the typical