Persuasive Essay On Why Students Should Start School

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Teachers and parents, do you ever feel like your kids or students do not get enough sleep and are walking around like a dead zombie in the morning? Pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock is such an easy habit for not only students but teachers to do. At times, I feel like I need to either be hit by a bus or for someone to throw cold water on me to wake up. Not starting school as early would leave students less tired, and make it easier for kids to learn and stay focused. Students should start school at 9 am. Students should start school at 9 am, because not starting school as early would leave them less tired. Whose idea was it to start at 7:30 anyways? Parents flick the light switch, flip the sheets, and fuss at their kids to be on time. Then, when the kids go to school, they lean on the cold desk, and they are out. Everyone has experienced the feeling of sitting in the back of a classroom fighting to keep your exhausted eyes open. The words of the teacher become faded, and before you know it you are passed out. The feeling has become normal for so many. It happens to all of us. It is difficult enough for learners to keep awake when learning a lesson. Imagine how much more grueling it must be to stay awake when students acquire only 4-6 hours of sleep! Teachers try time after time to keep the tired learners awake, but sometimes it is just not enough. There is only one simple solution to this problem, and it …show more content…
There is a concern that later times would interfere with the parents’ jobs, school buses, tutoring, and even extracurricular activities, which is understandable. Some may even insist that students should just put down the phones and hit the books. However, parents and administration should look at the bigger picture and how more pros than cons there would be if we started later. Generally, no adult should or can claim that more sleep and a later start time would not be better for