Persuasive Essay Pro Football

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The whole world will be watching you as you throw the final spiral with seconds left to win the game. What is the entire world watching? You clinching the Super Bowl. Football is what brings families together, and what brings great rewards. The sport has been around for ages, and we have seen the best of the best. But, why can’t the next best player be you? Why can’t you be the next Hall of Famer? We’ll look at some football history, explain why you should play, and about the kinds of people that play football. While some may shame the sport for its engulfing amount of injuries, I’ll explain the positive and why you can be the next big thing. The game of football has been around since the early 20th century. It was widely popularized by the great Olympian Jim Thorpe, who at the time was one of, if not the most popular athlete in the world. He set Olympic records and slashed the competition. He basically played every sport. So, he needed a new sport. Why not football? Thorpe would go on to be recognized as one of the pioneers of football and transcend the game to new levels of popularity. …show more content…
From Jim Brown to Joe Montana to Tom Brady, football was and continues to be the dominating sport in our great nation. But, the main question is why should you play? Why should take part in the greatest sport in the world? Well, let’s look at the facts. Football is all about teamwork. You get to learn valuable life lessons about how to function as a team and making sure you achieve your goals. You also learn to put others before yourself in order to win. Plus, by playing football and improving, you have a better shot to be the pro athlete you always knew you could be. Football has always been a family tradition. Studies show that most families on Thanksgiving will have an NFL game on the TV. So, most likely your family will endorse you