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Savannah Bowley
Persuasive Essay: Should recycling be mandatory?
Recycling has come a long way to help protect our environment. Although many people don’t recycle, they should. I believe recycling should be mandatory, because it would keep our community cleaner, we could reuse instead of use more limited resources, and it would help our environment as a whole. Recycling is very important, and if we work together, it could change many circumstances with trash. Recycling has already helped us keep our community cleaner. If we all just put our trash in trash cans, and not on the ground, and in our oceans, it would make our world much more beautiful. Many animals can be harmed from trash lying around. Turtles can get their neck caught on soda can holders. You throw your chocolate bar on the ground, and a dog eats it, and can get sick. If everyone recycled, our communities would be cleaner, prettier, and safer. Recycling would help the community also by giving us more resources instead of using unnecessary amounts of resources that are already very limited. Copper, aluminum, iron, gold, silver, platinum, nickel, cadmium, lead and lithium are all elements. What we have is all that what we will get, for the most part. So if we fail to recycle these, we will use up all of these resources over a period of time, or they will become too expensive to use for the common uses they have now. If we recycle, we could reuse these elements. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. That’s the key. There are also important ways recycling helps the economy. When you find a creative use for