Persuasive Essay: The Influence Of Soccer

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For the rest of the world soccer may be the most important secondary thing, but stateside, this global behemoth has yet to make more significant impact. Still, things are certainly going in the right direction. The MLS is gaining more and more popularity as the times goes by, and thanks to the dueling game franchises FIFA and PES, young Americans are becoming more aware of this sport and its celebrities. With things where they are, the real question is not whether soccer will capture American minds and souls, but when. Let us look what is there for you.

The Mass Appeal

Although soccer is yet to catch up with other, more mainstream sports like football or baseball in the US, it is worth mentioning that 265 million of people playing it globally.
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Whether you are just starting or you have been playing it for some time now, you will always find challenging playmates and a way to entertain yourself. Affordable soccer equipment is easy to find, what you have to put more thought into is convincing your bros to a accompany you to a soccer field. Mark the goal and you are ready. It should be mentioned that compared to American football, soccer rules are very simple, you will have no problems gathering yourself a group of followers.

Soccer Helps You to Stay Fit

The results do not always confirm this fact, but soccer is a very fluid sport. So much so, that we can say that some players (most notably midfielders) have to run across the entire field quite a few times. These runs are interrupted with short breaks, kicks, jumps, slides and other physically demanding activities, but the game never truly stops, and the speed of the game means that there is no time for players to realize just how much they’ve been working out. The relentless tempo makes soccer very similar to CrossFit training. If you appreciate a lean and cut-out look over a bulky one, this is the sport for you.

Soccer Can Help You to Build