Persuasive Essay: What Is A Dress Code?

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What is a dress code? A dress code is a set of rules, specifying the way a student is allowed to dress, and it is written and posted in the school, on rubrics, and on a school website. Dress code is the most enforced school policy. The discipline actions for breaking dress code are so drastic because the type of clothes we wear, maybe the solution is we just shouldn’t wear any. Who doesn’t love being judged based on the types of clothes they wear? If your shorts are too short, you look like a hoe. Same as if your top is too low and you are showing too much of your chest. But what about when you show too much shoulders? Because shoulders are very attractive, and they should not be allowed to be seen, the boys may go crazy. Also, all pants must be worn around your waist, they never say you can wear them above your waist, like the nerds do. Dress code for girls is so strict, it’s crazy, unfair, and judgemental. They will judge you no matter what you wear, so why wear anything! Just go free so that you will have nothing on your body and no …show more content…
Wearing what you like, your favorite colors, and your favorite styles of clothes. To express your personality. Like when girls want to have purple, pink, or blue hair, that may be their favorite color. But it is considered a “distraction” in the classroom, because the color of your hair must really get to a lot of students minds, so much to that they are not able to study. What happened to showing our true colors and expressing who we are, do the school want us to be someone we are not? Apparently, they hate fake people, yet they want us to be fake. And also, everyone can afford the costs of completely appropriate clothes that will cover you from head to toe, right? Because every high school student must have oodles of money. Clothes in today’s generation are very costly, students should not be forced to wear things other than what they already own at home, that they like to