Persuasive Essay: Why Cheerleading Should Be A Sport

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“Cheerleading should be a Sport”

Shouldn’t every female have an opportunity to participate in a sport? Cheerleading is one popular sport that could be available for girls. It is enjoyable and teaches young girls how to work in groups and get along with others. Although, cheerleading is beneficial in many ways, it creates fantastic opportunities for business, creates insane bonds of friendship and cheerleaders take risk in stunting and tumbling.

Cheerleading brings in incredible business and money. “Lots of cheer gyms are popping up all over the place and are making enormous amount money” (USA Today). This shows that cheerleading is so popular that as years go by; this will make the cheer business even larger than what it is today. From experience, cheerleading can be expensive because, you need cheer shoes, cheer uniform, bows, pom-poms and makeup This proves if girls want to do cheer you must stay with it. You have spent so much to be in this sport already. In conclusion, cheer may be an enjoyable and exciting sport, but for how much money that goes into it. It is also is a great
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Yes cheerleaders don’t use or wear protective gear but, that does not mean we cannot change that in the future for the new generation of cheerleaders. We can try to make protective gear to go underneath the cheerleader’s uniform to make it not as noticeable. Next, those who agree that cheerleading should be a sport and those who disagree should come to the middle to agree on some of the main point that has been argued above. In the article when the agreeable side says that we should be a sport because, we take risk. Taking risk can be dangerous, but that's what cheerleading is all about. Showing all of skills, and flexibility. As cheerleaders compete that's how they score points. In high school cheering, by taking risk like tumbling and stunting helps the crowd get excited and fired up from my