Persuasive Essay on Building of Rec. Center

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Teen Activity Persuasive Essay
By: Eduardo Gutierrez Teens in todays society are often at risk of abusing substances, getting into trouble, and causing violent scenes. They also are still trying to discover who they are, what interests them, who to hang around with, and just discover themselves. But an issue people debate about is the actions that teens choose to do. Many teens often hangout in groups at a variety of locations such as houses, parks, the mall, and other places such as a recreational center. Although teens may not see harm in being out and about with friends, adults may think otherwise. Some parents may be worried where there kids are or what they're doing, other parents may just say, "Let them be kids", and others
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The cost of the Recreational center would also be an issue, if it was to contain many activities that could appeal to all different types of people it would cost a lot of money to fund all the programs. Besides the programs it would have, the amount of money to fund construction, land, utilities, and equipment would total up to quite a bill. Even "Howell Recreational Center and Park" has a budget of $1.25 million. Lastly, you would need to make sure the land that you slected is appropriate for all the activities, is right for your facility, and is an appropriate teen eviornment. Teens today are finding out who they are and what they like to do that can shape their future. As members of the city council you have heard both sides about whether or not to build a teen recreational center. Surely you have opinions of your own that may have not been mentioned but, with what was provided in this text you may have realized that besides costs, space, and substances that could be abused by teens, the supporting arguments show that there more to gain from a teen recreational center rather than lose. The center would keep teens busy, promote positive growth & development, teach leadership, help kids in need of help, give back to the community, and other tasks others may think of. Its your job a the city council to provide serivces for our community. We all know that some teens preform idiotic actions that can cause harm to themselves, others, and