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Persuasive Essay Final Draft

Free Daycare in Colleges for any Students

Having a free daycare for any students in colleges, it has been a recent issue to debate. Also there are people that are in favor and against to have free daycare in colleges. Free daycare will bring benefits for students or people who work in colleges.

Students that are in favor to have free day care will not to be worried about the care of their children. Professional and skilled workers will take care student’s children while they are working or studying. Students or people that are enrolled in colleges will not have to pay for the day care. It is going to be free. The children will be secure in the day care in colleges. For example, students will not to be worried to leave their children with other people because they do not want to bother them or they do not want other people have another responsibility that does not belong to them. By the way, a big percentage of students or people who are enrolled in colleges are in favor of having free daycare.

People who are against having free day care in colleges are wrong of not being in favor. They think that their children will be in danger because the people that are going to work in the day care will not treat them right. If that were true, people who are in favor will not ask to have a free day care in colleges for their children. Besides colleges will not offer free day care for any students if the people who are going to work in the day care will hurt or not treat the children right. There will be cameras installed in free daycare in all colleges because nobody are going to let the children be harmed in hands of baby sitter. If students leave their children