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Persuasion: The process of creating, reinforcing, or changing people's beliefs or actions.

Ethics and persuasion: Make sure your goals are ethically sound Use ethical methods to communicate your ideas.

Establish your credibility: 1. Competence- How an audience regards a speaker's intelligence, expertise, and knowledge of the subject 2. Character- How an audience regards a speaker's sincerity,trustworthiness, and concern for the well being of the audience

Use Solid Evidence: Specific evidence, novel evidence, use evidence from credible sources, make clear the point of your evidence

How would you research information for the following speech?: To persuade my audience that there should be stricter safety standards on amusement park rides, that school districts should not allow soft drink companies to stock their products in school vending machines, that super- pacs unduly influence elections, and that we should legislate against their use.

Speech Format: Intro- Attention gainer, thesis, credibility statement, significance statement, preview of 3 main points Body- Statement of problem (1 sentence), explain the problem, illustrate the magnitude of the problem through powerful statistics, offer ramifications of the problem(how many other areas of society does this problem impact?) (2) Statement of primary cause of the problem (1 sentence), explain the cause in detail, offer evidence,