Persuasive Letter To The Crucible

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“Hysteria!” My fellow Puritans, I John Proctor, was a respected man in this society who all of you saw as a hard working man that loved God but as hysteria continues to spread it leads to doubts and mistrust of your’re fellow neighbors. This hysteria rising, of ridiculous witchcraft, could be the end to our Puritan society whom we’ve all strived to create as a holy temple for God and his people, not these ridiculous accusations being set upon us by a selfish whore.
I stand in front of you today at this simple, yet lavishly decorated church to talk to you as a friend, father, husband and one who’s committed a terrible sin to ask you, no Beg of you to stop this madness!! Look at your fellow brethren who you once viewed as innocent, hungry for the love of God like a starving dog and a hard worker, but now you see them as devil worshippers who follow the ways of witchcraft that leads to darkness, and temptation but in reality it’s nonexistent. From the early days of Salem, the town has thrived under the previous generations without the mention of witchcraft but when a puny little girl wakes up one day not wanting
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Don’t let anyone else suffer the same fate I’m about to face. Don’t let anymore of your neighbors be falsely accused. And last of all don’t let this Hysteria continually spread thus breaking apart our religion and strong sense of faith which we all, as a Puritan society, cherish and hope to keep alive for the next generations to be able to look upon our generation as an example. I say control this hysteria and not vice versa. And with my last dying breath I tell you love your neighbor as yourself but don’t believe in lies that they may tell. In the name of God I, John Proctor, do wish this hysteria to dissipate and leave this town of