Persuasive Outline: The Pixar Theory

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Persuasive Outline

Topic: This Pixar theory is true and all Pixar movies are connected General Speech Goal: To persuade

Specific Speech Goal: To persuade my audience that all Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe.

I. Attention Getter: Have you ever noticed a Pixar character in another Pixar movie where they don’t belong? Have you ever wondered why animals in Pixar movies have human-like features? Have you ever thought that there is some sort connection between every movie? Last time I asked you guys to raise your hand if you believe in “The Pixar Theory”, some of you guys didn’t. At the end of my speech everyone in this room will believe in it.
II. Establish Credibility: I have done extensive research over the Pixar Theory, watched every
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But who is that witch in that forest? We see her disappearing through doors and use magic, but who is she really? She plays a huge role in every single movie, but we will get to that later. During that era in Brave the animals and objects who were experimented on by the witch have evolved creating a power struggle between humans, animals and machines. Which I will show you in every Pixar movie.
B. Subpoint: The Pixar Theory basically proves that every movie is linked through the conflict between this triangle power struggle.
1. The first conflict is between humans and animals, such as Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, and Up. In Ratatouille you can see animals start to experiment with their growing intelligence. Remy invades the human-only territory: cooking. The animals were competing with the humans and outperforming them causing tension. The villain from Up figured this out, leading him to develop technology that could harness the thoughts of animals. Lines start being crossed and the hatred between them grows. They create Buy-n-Large, a company that runs everything in Wall-E to antagonize the animals. Furthermore, the animal intelligence is shown in Finding Nemo when fishes outsmart a