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Nhung Dinh
Diana Urrutia
ESOL 0054-83400
December 3, 2014
Spanking Should Be Considered Child Abuse
Some parents in my country believe that spanking is a form of disciplining their children rather than child abuse. They claim that spanking is something that does not hurt such as a mild slap on the buttocks for their children that make their child remembers what their mistakes were. More and more people are starting with that statement that spanking it not child abuse. They think that is the best action for their child. However, these parents need to think about the problem and whether it is good or not. In many cases, I think spanking is leaving a huge wound for their children. That makes their child feel scared. I think spanking should be considered child abuse. I believe that spanking your child is not a way to discipline a child. There are other ways to punish the children rather than spanking them. Parents should teach them to understand and know how to change their mistakes. Spanking makes children fearful of their parents and it causes negative long-term effects to their lives.
Spanking should be considered child abuse because when parents use the method of spanking with children would cause bruises on their body. It will leave wounds that children never forget. When they go out they will be embarrassed and not confident in front of people. For example, my cousin whose name is An, when she was a child she went to play out alone. My uncle who was the father of An spanked her. After that, it left bruises all over her body and did not dare go to outside and she did not want to talk with somebody because she felt ashamed of her bruises. However, for children without spanking, the child will not be too embarrassed to go out and they have the courage to talk to friends. After much research when children go to school, children with parents spanking do not usually like to connect with the people. They are not brave enough to appear before the crowd because of bruises on them. Also, spanking makes children alienated from friends and find ways to avoid being caught in their own mistakes.
Second, spanking should be considered child abuse. If parents spank their children, it will cause many adverse impacts on the psychology of children. They would not dare to do what they like for fear of their parents spanking. The fear will follow in the mind of the child throughout life. In another study, spanking of children by their parents often leads to psychological instability. They are always afraid of the larger ones around. They do not dare explore and learn what they like. However, for children not being beaten, it can tell its own opinion without fear of their parents spanking. So, will make the family happier because parents can understand what their children do not like and what it takes. And parents can explain to their child about the problem whether it is good or not. Anger and spanking by parents sends a wrong message to children. These children will not learn anything from spanking. This also leads to growth retardation in children compared with other children.
Finally, parents often spank their children.