Persuasive Speech Nursing Home

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Place yourself in this position for a brief moment. Imagine that you are a family member of an ill-patient, and to provide them a better comfort of life, you take them to an assisted care facility. You have a strong belief that the facility is probably giving a better care treatment then what you could’ve possibly done, and so once in a week you go to visit them. One day, when you come back to visit, you hear the news of their death and the cause. How would you exactly react to this particular situation? You would most likely be angry at the nursing home facility for their improper treatment given to your family member. And hence, taking that brief moment of placing yourself into that particular may ask yourself after reading this horrifying article of the death of Mr. Warren Webb in United Medical Center, what is even the true purpose of having an assisted living facility, such as nursing homes, if they fail to provide proper nourishing treatment to their residents? It is a sad truth that in many facilities, there is a deficiency in humanity that ultimately causes an individual’s death. …show more content…
According to a data collected from 577 nurses and nursing aids working in care facilities, it revealed that “subgroups of staff are more likely to engage in abusive behaviors.” Another study also indicated that there have been approximately 488 incidents of abuse reported to the Medicaid Fraud Control Units. Despite these reports, the abuse in nursing homes has only received few