Persuasive Speech On Illegal Immigration

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When one refers to the idea of immigration today, one of the first words to come in mind almost instantaneously is “illegal”. When small minded people like Donald Trump tend to speak to large audiences mainly negatively about the “illegal” immigrants, it creates a common and socially agreeable idea amongst his audience that seems to dehumanize the Mexican immigrants more and more as time goes by. This audience then goes out into the world believing these ideas and applying it to every Mexican or Mexican look alike. However, I myself come from a Mexican and Guatemalan household, and it angers me and my fellow Chicano, Mexican and South American. My indulgence in this lifestyle, the immigrant lifestyle, has shown me that the words spewed out by these people are completely false. …show more content…
They are some of the most hardworking people in my life and I believe that this country has been built on the backs of “illegal” immigrants. “Officials credit Latino immigrants for helping to change the neighborhood. Without the manufacturing jobs, Latinos have found opportunities in their own backyards.” This just goes to show how people that are not educated tend to stroll towards a “leader” like Trump because he is saying what they want to hear, they are scared. The illegal immigrants have always been the