Essay about Persuasive Speech Outline

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Cheng Hsien Tan

Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience to fight world hunger and poverty through child sponsorship programs.
Central Idea: The world has a huge problem with poverty and hunger and this problem could be immensely downsized if everyone that has a little extra money sponsors a child.
Pattern of Organization: Problem-Solution

I. (Attention Getter): How many of you see poverty and hunger as a problem in our world? How many of you think that you cannot feasibly help solve this problem?
II. (Reveal Topic): A lot of children around the world are deprived of one or more of the essentials to survival and development.
III. (Relate to Audience): I am sure almost all of us in here will have
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On some you can even get more specific and select a mentally or physically challenged child, an orphaned child, a child that has been waiting a long time, or even a child affected by HIV/AIDS. 3. Commit to sponsoring with a monthly giving until the child has completed school which is usually around 18-22 years old. a. Sponsorships usually ask for a donation of 28-40 dollars monthly depending on the organization you select. b. This money may not all go directly to the child but most of it goes to help the child in some way. i. This money will usually provide the child some form of health care, clothing, schooling, and food. ii. Some of this money will also go to the families and communities for things such as home repairs, food, supplying clean water, teaching the farmers new farming techniques, job training, business coaching, and much more.

B. One worry people may have is that the organizations are fraudulent and that the money does not go where they say it goes. 1. Many of these organizations are accredited by the BBB, Charity Navigator, and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. 2. Most of the organizations post their financial statements online for the public to view.

C. 28-40 dollars monthly may seem like a lot to handle but in all reality it is not that much money, especially to save lives. 1. Most of us probably spend at least that much money per week on groceries or food. Some may even spend that