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Speech #3
Describing Public Discourse Around A Controversy

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the controversy of improving security in the Osage Schools.

Goals for Speech: My goal for this speech is to share the controversy of improved security in the Osage Schools. I hope that my audience considers both sides of the controversy to make an informed decision.

Desired Response: I would like my audience to feel that security in schools is a necessity. I want them to walk away from my speech knowing that it's not a matter of how an accident can happen but when it will happen. I would like them to realize that along with education, safety is a top priority for the students and faculty.

Thesis: Even though several people feel like improving school security will make the students feel like prisoners and is a waste of money we should improve Osage schools security to keep the students and faculty protected. The safety of the community should be a top priority.

Cause and Effect Outline Introduction: Communities all over the country live in fear of gun violence. That’s unacceptable. Parents should feel confident in sending their children to school and feel comforted knowing that their children are safe. Even though several people feel like improving school security will make the students feel
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Conclusion: Having a little extra security will make the huge impact on the safety of the students. It is better to have a safer school than to have our school district be the scene of another school tragedy. The first step to ensure school safety is to create a formal security plan. By placing an armed officer at Osage School the students and teachers would feel more safe, and there would always be someone on alert. With a stronger security system it would be harder for outsiders to get into the school. It is shown that schools with a combination of violence prevention programs, strong police force and security presence have lower rates of