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Persuasive Speech

Ever since this country was established citizens have fought for a right that often is not exercised by today’s youth; along with many others. This right that I speak of is the right to vote. In the beginning one had to be a white male landowner in order to receive this right. However through the years and many trying battles all citizens of the US that are 18 years and older have earned this right. Voting is something that many of us take for granted and do not realize the great importance of this right and our duty to do so. Your votes do effect not only the national elections but every election you choose to cast a vote in; such as school elections, along with the people that
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i. Voting allows us to choose the mayors of all the towns and major cities, across the US. ii. By casting a vote we also get to choose our district representatives, which are those that will represent our say so, on various issues and the election of the President. iii. This right also allows us to choose the senators within our district, the state of Michigan has two; Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow. C. This right allows you to decide on various issues and regulations on the local, state and national levels. iv. The Michigan Medical Marijuana law is one such law that allowed the citizens of Michigan to state their opinion through voting to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. v. Recently some citizens of Michigan signed a petition to recall Governor Rick Snyder, once 800,000 signatures have been gathered; a vote may be put into place to force the governor out of office. vi. I cannot stress enough, just how important one vote can be; and what it means to ones future. III. Now that I have explained how important your vote can be; we need to get you registered, along with getting you to exercise this very important right. A. There are a few simple requirements to get registered, making it easy to qualify i.