Persuasive Speech: The Kurds

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Persuasive Speech
The Kurds are a state-less ethnic group who currently live in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. There are roughly between 25 million to 30 million Kurds worldwide. They have been recently getting attention in the media for fighting against ISIS. The Kurds have been fighting for a state ever since the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War 2. The Kurds deserve a state of their own due to several reasons, some being they are oppressed, largest ethnic group in the world without a state and
The Kurds have been persecuted ever since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The Kurds have faced countless genocides with the most famous being the Anfal genocide in 1988 Iraq killing 100,000 people and destroying over 4,000 villages and the ongoing conflict between IS and the Syrian Kurds in northern Syria killing more than 150,000 Kurds. Imagine how catastrophic the situation is for those who live there. You live every-day in fear of getting murdered or taken as hostage. This is one of the many persecutions the Kurds have gone through in their history. Just imagine how the Kurds are feeling right now.
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Why do you stand for this injustice? Giving the Kurds a state would give a possibility of peace occurring in the middle east. The Kurds being an ethnic group meaning that they have their own history, culture and language. How would they be able to share their history and culture with others if they do not have a state to call their own? The countries the Kurds currently occupy have stripped the Kurds from basic rights and land which results in the Kurds having to live in harsh conditions. Is it fair to reject the rights of the Kurdish people for political reasons or to satisfy other nations? Yes, is the answer since nothing has been done to relieve the Kurds from their ongoing