Persuasive Speech: Travel (Proposal) Essay

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Why you should travel
Travel is a concept very near and dear to me. I have travelled since I was a baby. My mum would take us on vacation at least once a year whether it was in Malaysia or abroad. Everyone should try at least once because firstly, it’s not as hard as you think! In today’s world with all our technology advancements we have services such as Trip Advisor that rate and advice on where to go, what to eat where to stay, how good the places you want to visit are, and reviews from fellow travelers just like yourself. I know this is true for me because travelling once only made me want to travel again and again. You could argue you’re shy or unwilling but deep down all of us have a sense of curiosity and adventure we just need to get in touch with it.
Ethos - Travelling appeals to this domain in that it provides a better understanding of the world. Visiting other cultures will allow you as a person to broaden your understanding of the many backgrounds that exist. It will change the way you relate to the world, especially if you’re young and your opinions aren’t yet jaded. If you’re young it also means you have the time! Travelling does not have to be expensive, when you are older you will have responsibilities of a job and a family, vacations will no longer be time alone. Many people regret not travelling in their youth to see the world before they had to get serious and make commitments; don’t be one of those people.
Pathos – we are young and able! Don’t wait till retirement calls to travel only to find that you can’t because you have a million health conditions. You could even have your very own “eat, pray, love” moment to discover yourself and the kind of person you want to be. In seeing the world you will start having feelings of empathy for global suffering. It will teach you the value of what you have and how people living in poverty have to survive. Travelling will spark your curiosity and want for adventure, an important trait to have in life. Travelling will also humble you, teach you to understand that it’s not all about you. There is a big world out there and travelling will teach you to be more open to new ideas as well as sensitive to other cultures. I