Persuasive Techniques Essay for Any Essay

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“Title of Article . “ The article that was written by “author” and “published the Herald Sun March 24 2011” argues that the “contention” . To support her main contention the “author” writes in an “amused and ironical” way at the beginning then shifts to a more “serious and convincing” tone towards the completion/conclusion of the opinion piece. Conversely this opinion piece was followed by a “letter to the editor” posted by “second author , how , date ” whose main contention was on the contrary side of “first author”. “Second author” uses a very aggressive and repetitive tone to support his main contention. This exemplifies the frustration that “First author” ’sopinion piece has created.

“Author 1” ‘s opinion piece is “In favour or against , main contention”. The author utilizes a wide variety of techniques. In “whatever paragraph” the “author” “gives a personal account or story or the use of evidence and statistics” that adds interest in the subject which exemplifies what the writer knows personally about the topic of the article. This can be seen as a credible source of information. In addition, through the use of appeal to authority, it ensures that the writer’s viewpoint is endorsed by“ Expert name” who clearly has status and is an expert in the area. An example. This highlights that the “view point” should be seriously considered; since specialised knowledge reassures the reader that the information supporting the view is reliable and can withstand scrutiny.

Furthermore through the excessive use of Emotive Language “such as give examples, where an urgent solution is needed” . To add to this
Use this
1. when the writer states “ Rapid rise in rail station robberies” alliteration is used to gain attention and add emphasis to the text. This alerts the reader to the seriousness of an “increase in crime at train stations.” While the use of alliteration on its own is not persuasive, it can be effective with when used with connotation and loaded words. For example the author states “ Blah blah Blah example “. This is influential as “write something about contention.”
Or this
2. As the “author” uses inclusive language “such as we, are” This is