Persuasive: United States Congress and Hfc Essay

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Group Members
-Our group members consist of Charles Cavalli, Julie Martinez, and Karen Larvin.
-Initially when gathering information our ideas together, we discussed a law for equal tax on all Americans, a law against bad hygiene, and a law stating all products containing high fructose corn syrup (HFC’s) must be substituted for cane sugar. As a group we decided to enforce a law which bans (HFC’s) and substitute if for sugar cane.
Who might critic the law (critics)
HFC’s is a key ingredient in many processed junk foods, which are considered very addictive, promotes cravings, and continued consumption. It will push our metabolism toward fatty production and fat storage potentially leading to obesity, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. A diet in HFC’s will help us die quicker.
HFC’s are loaded with mercury; exposure to it can result in irreversible brain damage and cause nerve damage.
HFC’s are bad for the environment because of the fact that is so common in American food, a great deal of corn is grown each year to produce it. Corn crops require huge amounts of pesticides, which pollute our soil and ground water.
The land that corn crops are grown on is not rotated compared to other crops, this depletes the nutrients in soil and leads to erosion.
-To help individuals that are busy and aren’t able to use all of their fresh foods due to the short shelf life; HFC’s can be refrigerated and preserved for a good length of time as oppose to sugar cane.
-HFC’s create soft textures, consistent flavor, and stability when making baked goods. It maintains the level of sweetness and flavor even when there is a change in the temperature at which stored. Because it is so soluble it retains moisture and ensures much softer and moisture processed baked goods. It also does not crystalize or turn grainy when cold as sugar can do. -HFC’s are also much cheaper as oppose to sugar cane due to huge corn subsidies and sugar tariffs.
Making it a law
- The first thing to do is write out my proposed law…