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The world is being consumed by pollution day by day, if we as humans don’t take a stand to make a change then future generations will suffer from what we have done. Pollution is something which has poisonous or harmful effects to the environment. Different types of pollution include air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and many more. In order to save the environment, keep people safe along (with other living things) and protect our future; here are some things that we could do now to help lower pollution in the world today.
Air pollution is a major concern. The use of chemicals and other products in factories are one of the major reasons why air pollution exists. They are released into the air as toxic gas which then becomes harmful to humans, animals and plants. How? Because there is so much air pollution, we start inhaling the toxic air and then it slowly starts infecting our bodies. In many places, there were cases where diseases caused by air pollution were discovered and it was found that they were somewhat fatal. The crops we eat are also impacted upon; they could be potentially damaged due to the toxic gas in the air. Another reason why air pollution exists is because of the increase in use of vehicles exerting carbon dioxide into the air. Nearly everyone in the world has a car. Imagine how much carbon dioxide is released into the air, which we breathe in every second; imagine how much poison goes in! Not only cars, we even use gases in our own homes which are also released into the air. For example the use of heaters, ovens and stoves are some of the appliances that use gas. So how do we try to prevent the ozone layer from disappearing and starting global warming in the world? Simple: take action. The factories should use other ways of making their products and every amount of gas they release into the air should have tax put on it. Although we already have carbon tax, there is a need for it to be more strongly implemented into our societies to result in minimum levels of pollution. One way which could stop carbon dioxide releases into the air is to limit our usage of cars and start using public transport. Thus leading to a reduction of vehicle use and hence leading to the reduction of gas and pollution. You get to meet new people, and save the world at the same time! Lastly keep plants everywhere you can, they are really helpful buddies when it comes to decreasing carbon dioxide. Put a small plant in your car; on your bedroom desk for decoration; on the corner of the bench side in the kitchen or even above your refrigerator. All of these suggestions are some of the ways which are helpful towards the decrease of air pollution.
Water pollution is also caused by us humans; we are polluting the oceans of the world with litter, toxin chemicals and many other things. How is that bad though? Well firstly if we keep polluting, the rivers and fresh water supplies from nature will also become polluted and hence it will make the water we drink contaminated. The rain that falls down becomes acidic rain, the animals in the water suffocate and many die, and so on. How to prevent this? Stop littering! Throwing litter into the sea entangles with sea animals which