Persuassive Speech on Spanking Children Essay

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Amber Brandys
31 July 2012
Sylvester S121
Persuasive Speech

Disciplining Children: Spanking?


You hear more and more every day about a mother or a father accidentally killing their child for a small misbehavior. This is becoming more and more of a problem. Parenting children is a very difficult task, one of the most challenging things anyone will ever encounter.
The reason I want to talk to you today about the proper ways of disciplining children is because a lot of people do not realize the harm in spanking young children or even yelling at them. I will first discuss what we, as parents, can do to deal with a misbehaved child, and then why resulting in spanking a child is more harmful mentally to a
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In the class survey everyone who had children marked down that they result to spanking their child as a source of discipline, myself included. And another 70% of you who do not have children said they would spank their children. Over 30 countries have banned corporal punishment in schools, day cares, and even at home. The United States has not yet passed anything about bullying children inside their own homes by their own families. People are more worried about their kids getting bullied in schools but it all starts at home. We need to push the United States further into action about banning corporal punishments not just in schools and day cares but why are we not applying the same concept into our own homes? The United States is hypocritical as well when it comes to their own laws. Why are their laws against people who are physically assaulted by another adult but nothing against a child? I will end with a quote from Dr. Kevin Leman author of 2000 book titled “Making Children Mind without Losing yours”, it states, “Some people say a law against hitting children is an abuse of a parent's right. But do we consider it an abuse of a husbands' right to prohibit hitting their wives?”

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