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Persuasion Essay

Imagine this, its a normal day at school and the day is dragging on. Your class is almost over and you’re waiting for the bell to ring. The bell rings and everybody pours out into the hallway as usual. You’re almost to your next class and suddenly “BAM… BAM…
BAM…” something that sounds like gunfire rings out through the corridor you’re in, and echos all the way down the hall. Everyone is screaming and the 8th graders are trampling down the smaller kids and you are running the opposite way as fast as possible. After everything calms down you now learn that one of the troublemakers of your school set off fire-crackers in the middle of the hallway. Several people were burned and another couple smaller students got stomped all over. This situation was because the school didn’t have good enough security.Schools have had poor security since the beginning of their existence. Safety in schools has been an issue for decades from “The Kent State Massacre” to messy last-day-of-school pranks. School shootings have been occurring more and more frequently in the last ten years, there have been over 323 deaths because of students or teachers bringing a weapon to school. There has also been countless pranks pulled at schools all over the world such as shaving cream balloons, air horns, fire crackers, fake bombs, and even fake drugs. Another big problem is drugs. Students worldwide bring drugs to school to sell or in some cases even take. This is a very large problem and must be stopped because of health concerns, crime, and circulation to the general public. These problems have many was to be solved and we need to take action.
Some people are arguing that we cannot afford to put very much time,money,and labor into school safety, Which is partially true but we need to take responsibility and put security in schools so less people die and students get a better education. Would you rather have