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Tony Nayan
Assignment #1 Informal Persuasion

As a student attending college, the most prevalent obstacle I face is not having the financial security to appreciate my first year in college. I continually dread the notion of school debt and not having the proper materials I require for class. The principal function of obtaining employment is clearly the money. Having an occupation while attending school will enable me to pay my tuition and afford books for my courses. A job in the field will also help me gain hands-on experience. The positive and negative features that I’ll encounter while working will help me improve my skills and differentiate me from others seeking my intended position. Networking is another advantage of employment. Working while in college provides me with the opportunity to go out and meet new people. Even if it’s only temporary or part-time, I’ll be placed in a business setting where I can enhance my chances of earning a job after I graduate and start working my way into my intended career. Also, identifying with these people will allow me to possibly use them as future references. Most occupations require that you list professionals who would be willing to vouch for your character as an individual. Another benefit is that such actions will help build my resume. This helps prove to potential employers that I have genuine work experience and that I’m familiar with the professional setting, which will improve my chances of getting a job.…