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Calvin Lennon

Gum in School

Imagine you're taking a test and you start fidgeting and playing with your pencil, then you drop it. It not only distracts you but also the others around you who are also trying to take the test.

That is one of the many reasons I think gum should be allowed in school. Gum helps students focus and relax according to Kate Morgan and colleagues from Cardiff University at
It is also proven that gum help to relive stress and sometimes prevent it while taking tests or exams. I speak from personal experience, when I chew gum in MCAS testing it relaxes , relives anxiety and helps me focus.

Gum doesn't just help in tests and exams it also helps you focus on a class lesson. Instead of picking nails or chewing a pencil and not focusing on the teacher. You could chew gum and focus better on the teacher or lesson that is being taught.

you might be thinking that gum is a distraction to some students when they are playing with it. but, there are ways to prevent this and help make the students who play with the gum more mature. For example there could be a rule that if a student is seen playing with gum they are asked to spit it out. Also, teachers could allow or ban gum from there room if they don't want it. Another way is for gum to only be allowed when taking a test or a exam.

Now, imagine your taking a test and you get nervous instead of playing with your pencil or biting your nails you could chew gum, this way no