Pest Analysis of Hong Kong Essay

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In the next few years, China is saying that they are going to be investing billions of dollars into Hybrid technology. Honda is a automobile company who is well known for developing ad researching hybrid technology. They have been on the forefront of this new technology and for this reason they will be a top choice for this new hybrid technology. They will need to show the Chinese government that their technology is worth investing in. If they manage to do this, they will be bale to receive large amounts of money to use for the development of new hybrid technology.

The Chinese government is also aiming to put some millions of hybrid cars into use within China within the next few years. Seeing as how Honda is already
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This means that Honda could easily gain a much larger market share by introducing a new feature. On the other hand, other companies could do the same and in this sense, Honda has to be careful so that its consumers are not “stolen” by another automobile company’s new feature.


The newest and most revolutionary technology currently being developed and sold in the automobile industry is hybrid and electric technology. Hybrid technology is becoming more efficient and recognized and since Honda has devoted a lot of money to developing and producing hybrid technology, they are one of the top producers of it. This means they will be able to gain a larger consumer base as this technology becomes more recognized. On the other hand, companies such as General Motors and Toyota have been having more success with their hybrids and may have an advantage in this market sector over Honda. General Motors has also invested in a new kind of technology that converts waste product into ethanol, which can be used to run cars. If General Motors eventually produces this technology, they may gain an edge over Honda.

In China, there is a growing demand for hybrid technology. This means that if Honda wishes to expand in this sector, they should look to expand into China.

There has also been a new hydrogen fuel cell technology developed which enables a car to run fully on